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COVID-19 Antibody Test.

Our antibody test is a capillary blood test to check if you've had coronavirus (COVID-19) before.

An antibody test can tell you if it's likely you've had coronavirus before.

But it does not work for everyone, as some people who've had the virus do not have antibodies.

An antibody test does not tell you:

if you're immune to coronavirus

if you can or cannot spread the virus to other people

This is a blood test and the results are available 10-15 minutes after the test.

To book a COVID antibody test please book online.

- The test costs £50 and is payable at the pharmacy counter prior to your appointment.

***The antibody test should only be performed 21 days

after recovery from COVID19 symptoms or 28 days

after contact with someone with COVID19 symptoms.

This is to ensure that there has been enough time for

detectable antibodies to have built up in the blood.***

Our COVID-19 Rapid Test was assessed using samples from patients whose COVID-19 disease status were confirmed by PCR. To determine specificity, samples were taken from 60 patients who tested negative for COVID-19. The specificity of the IgM and IgG components are presented separately:

IgM Specificity: 96.7% (95%CI*: 88.5%-99.6%) *Confidence Interval

IgG Specificity: 98.3% (95%CI: 91.1%-99.9%)

To determine sensitivity, samples were taken from 203 hospitalised patients of varying severity of illness, who were confirmed positive by PCR. Samples were taken at a range of times from onset of symptoms. 36 samples were also taken from asymptomatic patients who did not require hospital treatment.